Current Squat Scene


(Image above taken of the KSU Den Bosch site.)

Hang 4. This place is the shit (at least i think so ha ha)

The Slaakhuys -Slaak 34 (Very Close to Oostplein Metro station)

Is a very large squat/office building in the center of Rotterdam that has been squatted since 2003. They host a vegan/vegetarian "eetcafe" every thursday from 19:00 -> 21:30 and sometimes later. You get three courses for only about E 4 euro's, drinks are cheap too. You will need a mobile phone to get in as there is no bell. On rare occasions (bigger holidays) the dinner cafe is closed for a few weeks. Ask at the bar and check posters.

The kind and quality of the food depends on who's cooking (this changes every week).  Sometimes it is great and sometimes ok. They are usually looking for people that want to (help) cook.

They also host some nice (if you are into the scene/music) parties/events/gigs, some of these are "public" and some are private, just ask the people at the bar about upcoming events.

Of course people live in the Slaakhuys as well and quite a bit of the space is used by artists. As far as i know at present they don't have any excess space and are not looking for any other residents.

In the Slaak you might encounter artists, punks, students, teknos, squatters, 40 year olds and lots of other people.